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Ohaus Mechanical Scales

  • Three notched and tiered beams with center reading

  • Four weighing platforms to choose from

  • Spring-loaded zero adjust compensator

  • Stainless Steel (SS) Plate

Model 750-S0, SS Plate, 610g x .1g, $162.00 CDN, $103.00 USD

Model 750-SW, SS Plate, Attachment Weights, 2610g x .1g, $191.00 CDN, $134.00 USD

Model 760-00,Tare Bar, SS Plate, 610g x .1g, $198.00 CDN , $126.00 USD

Model 1650-00, Dial-O-Gram, SS Plate, 610g x .1g, $257.00 CDN, $163.00 USD

Model 710-00, 610g x .1g, SS Pan, $184.00 CDN, $117.00 USD

Model 710-TO, SS Pan, Tare, 610g x .1g, $220.00 CDN, $140.00 USD

Model 720-SO, Poly Scoop, 610g x .1g, $242.00 CDN, $154.00 USD

Model 730-00, Animal Container, 610g x .1g, $249.00 CDN, $158.00 USD

Model 707-00, 2000 gram attachment weights to increase capacity to 2610g

$52.00 CDN, $34.00 USD


Ohaus Dial-O-Gram & Cent-O-Gram

  • Magnetic damping for easier and faster operation

  • Dial operation of fine weighing: 10 x 0.1 g

Model 311-00, Cent-O-GramŽ, 311g x .01g, $259.00 CDN, $165.00 USD

Model 310-00, Dial-O-GramŽ, 310g x .01g, $315.00 CDN, $199.00 USD

Harvard Trip Balance

Model 1450-SD, SS Plates, Single Beam, 2000g x .1g, $283.00 CDN, 179.00 USD

Model 1454-SD, SS Plates, 2000g x .1g, 5 lb x .01 oz, $283.00 CDN, $179.00 USD

Model 1550-SD, SS Plates, Dual Beam, 2000g x .1g, $315.00 CDN, $199.00 USD

Model 1560-SD, SS Plates, Tare, Dual Beam, 2000g x .1g, $323.00 CDN , $205.00 USD


Heavy Duty Mechanical Beam Scale 

  • Precise, high-capacity laboratory weighing

  • 20 kilograms capacity with 1 gram readability

  • Oversized plate for large sized lab containers

  • Positive load stops

  • Large, stainless steel platform and a lockable tare for containers up to 2270 g

  • Magnetic damping speeds the weighing process

  • Covered, self-aligning bearings assure a long, maintenance-free life

  • Durable, resists corrosion

Model 1119-DO, 20 kg x 1g, $1656.00 CDN, $1054.00 USD

+ Taxes & Shipping, FOB New York

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