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MSI's vision for the future is a new and innovative approach to industrial weighing and process control called Cellular Weighing. Simply defined, cellular weighing offers industry an efficient means to monitor, control and network multiple sensor inputs and outputs concurrently through wireless communications. Cellular weighing will inevitably redefine available solutions for industrial weighing and process control.

Using wireless RF cellular technology, the MSI-9000 CellScale serves as a central controller which simultaneously communicates with one or more remote indicators, computers and/or auxiliary CellScale networks. Data display, collection and processing can be initiated and controlled from one or multiple locations.

In practical language, this means real-time data transfer and control throughout the network provide a competitive advantage, giving you a more accurate total picture - from the warehouse to the front office - of your weighing and process information.

CellScale is the first product of its kind to combine advanced weighing technology with wireless communications together in a single industrial grade package. A basic wireless network consisting of a CellScale with one or more sensor inputs linked to a remote indicator is the most fundamental installation. A more complex application may combine multiple CellScale networks for facility-wide monitor and control of all weight sensors from a single location.

CellScale offers tremendous cost saving advantages by eliminating the need for redundant scales, indicators and data collection equipment. The costly re-entering of data, manual updating and associated errors can be completely forgone. Designed specifically for material weighing and process control applications, the cellular weighing component's NEMA / IP rated enclosures ensure safe and reliable operation both indoors and outdoors.

With compact packaging and flexible mounting configurations, CellScale and its accessory products easily integrate with your existing analog scales and load sensing applications. An unprecedented opportunity exists to enhance your complete weighing system. From MSI's portable digital weight indicator to the cell modem and crane scale, Cellular Weighing with CellScale can benefit your specific application requirements.

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MSI-9000 Cell Scale  

MSI-9020 RF Modem     

MSI-6260CS Crane Scale                 

MSI-9260 Crane Scale     

MSI-3750CS RF Indicator   

MSI-9750A  RF Indicator  

MSI-9850 RF Indicator 

MSI-9002 RF Summing Box  

MSI-9008 RF Multiplexer 

MSI-9300 Crane Scale   

MSI-9300HT Crane Scale

CVM Software     




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