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MSI-9300 Port-A-Weigh Plus    Cellscale RF

The MSI-9300 and MSI-9300HT crane scales combine an integrated weight display with advanced wireless data processing capability providing versatile solutions in overhead industrial weighing applications. Both crane scale configurations merge MSIís advanced CellScale technology with world-renowned crane scale designs providing local and remote control capabilities along with connectivity with plant information systems. Both models feature industrial-grade, shock-mounted electronics, watertight packaging with large ultra-bright displays readable at distances up to 50 feet (15 m). Integrated CellScale technology offers the ability to effectively monitor and control single or multiple crane scales from multiple locations throughout plant operations. Wireless, real-time transmission of weight and product information can be processed through a system-configured network of CellScale components from distances up to 1000 feet (300 m) with standard antennas. Operating range can be further increased with optional antennas configured with other networked CellScale components. Both fixed and handheld digital weight indicators are available in addition to RF modems for wireless connectivity with peripheral computers and scoreboards. Optional 802.11b/g Ethernet connectivity is also supported for adaptation and integration with existing plant information systems. The MSI-9300 is available in a standard range of capacities, up to 50 tons. Larger and application specific designs are available for capacities over 50 tons. Additional options and configurations are also available for mill and foundry over high temperature ladle installations. The MSI-9300HT (High Torque) is a unique crane scale configuration specially designed for heavy capacity coil handling applications, up to 35 tons. A fixed hook is featured for interface compatibility with crane hooks equipped with powered rotation and where high torque conditions exist between the crane hook and load. Please see specifications for other CellScale family components complementing the MSI-9300 and MSI-9300HT, including: MSI-9000, MSI-9020, MSI-9850, MSI-9750A and MSI RF Scoreboards. CellScale products provide configurable system solutions to satisfy nearly any wireless weighing application.

MSI-9300 Specifications pdf.



MSI-9750A Portable RF Indicator                  MSI-9850 Wall or Desk Mount RF Indicator

MSI Remote RF Scoreboard, 4"or 6" LED



500 lb / 250 kg, $5,940.00 CDN, $5,595.00 USD

2000 lb / 1000 kg, $5,940.00 CDN, $5,595.00 USD

5000 lb / 2500 kg, $6,045.00 CDN, $5,695.00 USD

10,000 lb / 5000 kg, $6,260.00 CDN, $5,895.00 USD

20,000 lb / 10,000 kg, $7,425.00 CDN, $6,995.00 USD

30,000 lb / 15,000 kg, $7,745.00 CDN, $7,295.00 USD

50,000 lb / 25,000 kg, $10,185.00 CDN, $9,595.00 USD

70,000 lb / 35,000 kg, $12,205.00 CDN, $11,495.00 USD

100,000 lb / 50,000 kg, $18,995.00 CDN, $17,895.00 USD


12 volt rechargeable battery, $100.00 CDN, $95.00 USD

Battery charger; 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz, $260.00 CDN, $245.00 USD


NTEP approved (contact us for specifications), No Charge

MSI-9850 RF Remote Wall or Deskmount Indicator, $2,545.00 CDN, $2,395.00 USD

MSI-9750A RF Remote Portable Indicator, $2,545.00 CDN, $2,395.00 USD

Remote RF Scoreboard, 4" Red LED, 6 Digit, $3,075.00 CDN, $2,895.00 USD

Remote RF Scoreboard, 6" Red LED, 6 Digit, $3,495.00 CDN, $3,295.00 USD

Anti-Heat shielding for mill and foundry applications; includes special crating for shipment (contact us for specifications),

$845.00 CDN, $795.00 USD

Substitute bottom swivel hook with shackle: 

500-10,000 lb capacity unit (6.5 ton bottom shackle), No Charge

20,000-30,000 lb capacity unit (17 ton bottom shackle), No Charge

50,000 lb capacity unit (standard 25 ton bottom shackle), 

$1595.00 CDN, $1500.00 USD

70,000 lb capacity unit (standard 40 ton bottom shackle), 

$2230.00 CDN, $2100.00 USD

100,000 lb capacity unit (standard 55 ton bottom shackle), 

$6375.00 CDN, $6000.00 USD

Oversized top lifting eye or shackle (contact factory for dimensions):

500-10,000 lb capacity unit, $525.00 CDN, $495.00 USD

20,000-30,000 lb capacity unit (adapter with 25 ton shackle),

$1265.00 CDN, $1195.00 USD

50,000-70,000 lb capacity unit (contact us)

100,000 lb capacity unit (contact us)

Oversized bottom hooks are available for most capacities

Low headroom adapter (contact us for specifications)

Universal direct power supply; 85-265VAC, 47-440Hz / 100-300VDC $450.00 CDN, $425.00 USD

Audible setpoint alarm (contact us for specifications), 

$315.00 CDN, $295.00 USD

+ Shipping & Taxes, FOB Seattle USA

MSI quality products are backed by a full one year warranty.

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