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MSI-9260 Heavy Duty

Motion Compensated Crane Scale

A weighing system specifically designed for the scrap metal industry! The MSI-9260 provides fast and accurate weights with each lift, providing the ability to total material weights without a static scale. This eliminates the double handling of material, overloaded or under-loaded vehicles, and takes out the guesswork involved in blending operations, thus providing dramatic cost savings to your operation. The MSI-9260 is the result of years of development and testing in the scrap metal industry, and is well suited to even the harshest of applications. Its state-of-the-art motion compensation technology provides quick and accurate acquisition of weights, even with swinging loads, making your weighing time faster than traditional methods of weighing.


Key Features:

  • Easy installation: The crane scale easily installs between the crane boom and magnet. Because it is battery powered and uses radio communications, there is no wiring to be installed or destroyed.

  • Durable and serviceable: Years of testing in harsh scrap yard environments has proven the reliability and serviceability of the equipment. An easily accessible charging and/or electronics replacement.

  • Simple operator interface: The standard system includes a simple digital weight display in the crane cab that not only shows the lift weight, but also totals a series of lifts allowing car or blend weight determination. Audible and visual signals indicate to the operator when the weight has been acquired and a drop can be made.

System Specifications:

Capacity: 50,000 lb / 22,500 kg

Overload: Safe-200% Ultimate-500%

Resolution: Standard 50 lb / 20 kg  Higher resolution is possible with increased in-motion settling time.

Accuracy: Net Static - 0.5% +/- 1 division - applied load.  Net In-Motion - 3% per lift. 1% cumulative accuracy on loaded rail car, barge, or truck, 20 tons and up.

Servicing: Electronics (including the modem and antenna) are mounted on a single plate. The entire plate can be removed without taking the crane out of service. With spare electronics, the system can be repaired in less than 15 minutes.

Weight: Crane Scale - 210 lb / 95 kg 

With top and bottom shackle - 314 lb./142 kg

Calibration: Via MSI-3750CS indicator. Recommended calibration interval 6 months.

Temperature/Operating and Storage : -40 F to 140 F / -40 C to 60 C

Crane Scale Specifications:


  • Highly integrated radio modem: 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum.

  • Bright, sunlight viewable power indicator. Battery status is indicated on the MSI-3750CS Indicator.

  • Comm port, RS232, baud rates to 230.4k. Provides programming and diagnostic port.

  • Software updates can be installed without taking the system out of service.

Battery and Charging:

  • 12V sealed lead acid battery provides typically 32 hours of continuous use.

  • 115/230 VAC external fast charge battery charger.

Crane Scale Housing:

  • 4340 steel/o-ring gaskets. NEMA 6/IP67. All electronics are shock mounted.

  • Designed specifically for over magnet installation on hydraulic cranes. Contact Davco for information on grapple installations and cable crane applications.

  • Top and bottom 50 ton shackle.

MSI-3750CS Specifications:

Remote Power:

  • The MSI-3750CS can turn off the crane scale remotely.

Totalization and ID:

  • Internal or external push button trigger on 3750CS or Automatic. Total weight up to 99,999,999. Lift counter up to 65535.

  • Up to 32 IDs can be stored and identified in alphanumeric format. Each ID stores totals.

Real Time Clock:

  • Supports date/time stamping in US or European format.

  • Memory backed by replaceable Lithium Battery (Typical life > 5 years).


  • Backlit LCD, visible in full daylight. 6-digit weight reading, 8-digit total reading or alphanumeric message.


  • Cast aluminum NEMA 4/IP65.

RS232 Comm Port:

  • Available for printer drive or connection to a mobile computer.

RF Range:

  • 1000 ft./300 m.


  • 9-36 VDC standard

  • 18-60 VDC, 90-260 VAC or 250 VDC optional.


  • 23 keys 5 user programmable, 10 key alphanumeric and 8 scale control keys.


  • Concealed calibration switch can be sealed. Calibration constants are stored in the crane scale.

Totalize Input:

  • Direct interrupt input for totalization joystick button or foot switch. (Switch not included).

Totalize Indication:

  • Audible and visual alarms indicate when an accurate weight has been registered.

Please click here to view the MSI-9260 specifications PDF.

MSI-9260 Pricing Includes: 

Motion Compensated 50,000 lb Crane Unit with 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Transceiver

Top and Bottom 55 ton shackles

12 volt rechargeable battery with 115/230 VAC external battery charger

MSI-9850CS digital indicator with LCD, 9-36 VDC (20-60 VDC optional) input power with 6 ft. power cable

RS-232 data output with real time clock

External Switch Cable assembly for totalization (switch not included)

Mounting Bracket

$34,995.00 CDN, $34,995.00 USD

Spare Parts:

MSI-9850, $3595.00 USD

Crane Unit Electronics Assembly, $6995.00 USD

+ Applicable Taxes & Shipping, FOB Seattle, USA

Note: Application/Installation Pre-Qualification required. Please contact Davco to review prior to quoting.

MSI quality products are backed by a full one year warranty.

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