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MSI-4260 Porta-Weigh

MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh, the crane scale that raised the industry's performance standards.

Introduced in 1980, the MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh established the original industry standard for accurate, reliable, and safe overhead crane weighing. After three decades of production, added advancements, and thousands of worldwide installations, the next generation Port-A-Weigh embedded with ScaleCore technology continues to reign as the industry standard.

For medium- to heavy-capacity and duty-cycle needs, the MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh has an established reputation as the industry standard in overhead weighing. MSI-4260 meets or exceeds all industrial safety requirements, including OSHA, ANSI and ASME, and is an economical choice for many bridge crane, foundry, and in-process material handling needs.



Delivering you an accuracy of 0.1% of the applied load, the Port-A-Weigh is NTEP approved for use in commercial trade.

The Port-A-Weigh's rugged, NEMA IV enclosure provides you years of dependable operation in the harshest industrial and marine applications. With the Factory Mutual option the scale is approved for use in hazardous environments, and with an optional configuration it is ideally suited for high-heat applications. With standard capacities that range from 500 pounds to 50 tons, you can use a Port-A-Weigh for virtually any overhead weighing need.

Some of the more notable features you get with a Port-A-Weigh include: shock-mounted electronics, rugged cast aluminum alloy housing, 50 hours of continuous operation between battery charges, and digital filtering for superior readout stability.


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Fans of the MSI 4260 enthusiastically welcome the optional MSI-8000, a full-featured remote control and display for operating the crane scale at safe and convenient distances. Through MSI-8000's ergonomic keypad and bold 5-digit LCD display, users have complete control over scale function, programmability and operation. A rechargeable battery allows up to 24 hours of continuous, proven RF communication at distances up to 100 feet. The MSI-8000 currently syncs wirelessly with the latest generation the MSI-7300, MSI-3460 and MSI-4260 models.

Users in the petro-chemical, energy, marine, aerospace, and test and measurement industries will appreciate MSI-8000's heavy-duty, IP65 shock-resistant housing, as well as a standard RS-232 port that allows for advanced traceability and reporting.


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S T A N D A R D  U N I T  C O N F I G U R A T I O N

Crane unit with 1 inch (25 mm), backlight, liquid crystal display (LED display optional).

Top lifting eye or shackle, bottom thrust bearing swivel hook.

12 volt rechargeable battery and 115/230 Vac, 50/60 Hz universal battery charger.

(North American plug configuration is standard, please contact us if alternate is required).


500Lb/250Kg, $5,335.00 CDN, $3,770.00 USD

2000Lb/1000Kg, $5,335.00 CDN, $3,770.00 USD

5000Lb/2500Kg, $5,475.00 CDN, $3,870.00 USD

10,000Lb/5000Kg, $5,765.00 CDN, $4,075.00 USD

20,000Lb/10,000Kg, $7,350.00 CDN, $5,195.00 USD

30,000Lb/12,500Kg, $7,775.00 CDN, $5,495.00 USD

50,000Lb/25,000Kg, $11,110.00 CDN, $7,850.00 USD

70,000Lb/35,000Kg, $13,845.00 CDN, $9,785.00 USD

100,000Lb/50,000Kg, $23,085.00 CDN, $16,315.00 USD


RF Remote Install, $395.00 CDN, $285.00 USD

RF Modem for connectivity to MSI-8000 Remote Display, $255.00 CDN, $180.00 USD

MSI-8000 Remote RF Display, $1,575.00 CDN, $1,115.00 USD

Spare Rechargeable Battery, $140.00 CDN, $100.00 USD

Universal 115/230 Vac Battery Charger, $345.00 CDN, $245.00 USD

+ Taxes & Shipping, FOB Seattle USA

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