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ML-200 S Beam Loadcell & Hopper Weighing Application

Application: To weigh the contents of a suspended hopper and turn off the fill gate solenoid valve at a set point target value of 2000 lbs.

Solution: 4 ML-200-2K S-Beam Loadcells were chosen to suspend the hopper from.



Hangers were fabricated to accept the 1/2" threaded eye bolts that are used with the ML-200 S-Beam Loadcells

The M2000 Digital Indicator was chosen. The indicator was ordered with a Set Point Relay Board and 2 Solid State Opto Set Point AC relays ( DC relays are also available.) The Indicator, Set Point Board & Relays were housed in a wall mount stainless steel enclosure. The scale system was factory calibrated, eliminating the need for a on-site calibration.

With a target weight of 2000 lbs, the first set point relay was set at 1500 lbs which turns on a warning light to alert the forklift driver. The second set point relay was set at 2000 lbs to turn off the fill gate valve. The M2000 indicator can be ordered in a stainless steel enclosure as in the above pictures.

The M2000 Indicator was mounted on the front of a PLC Enclosure. The set point relays were wired as AC inputs to the PLC.




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