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Typical installation

Loadbeam digital animal scales are heavy-duty electronic weigh scales, available in 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, or 10,000 lb. capacities.  They mount easily under any cattle squeeze, hog crate, feed hopper, or custom platform. Install your own platform for a floor scale. This scale system is capable of 1/10 percent accuracy, and can be used in operating temperatures of -40 F to 105 F / -40 C to 40 C.

Loadbeams are galvanized construction for permanent outdoor installation.  There are no moving parts to wear out, and no costly maintenance.  The loadbeams utilize four shearbeam loadcells that are an industry standard. They are interconnected by rodent proof cabling.

The Floating Foot ensures accuracy and reliability.


The units are calibrated and balanced at the factory, eliminating the need for an installation technician.  Install the scale, press the Zero button, and you're ready to weigh.  This also allows you to compensate for manure, mud, or snow build-up on the scale surface.

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Beams Only (2) 


22" 2500 lbs     $925.00CDN, $690.00 USD
26" 2500 lbs     $985.00 CDN, $735.00 USD
30" 2500 lbs     $985.00 CDN, $735.00 USD
33" 2500 lbs     $985.00 CDN, $735.00 USD
36" 5000 lbs     $925.00 CDN, $690.00 USD
48" 5000 lb     $1,195.00 CDN, $890.00 USD
60" 10000 lbs     $1,395.00 CDN, $990.00 USD

M1 Digital Indicator

$565.00 CDN, $420.00 USD

+ Taxes & Shipping, FOB Saskatchewan Canada

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