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Jack Weigh Kit TM

Intercomp's Jack Weigh Kit is the aviation industry's most modern and technologically advanced top of jack aircraft weighing system. It's accuracy, versatility, and cost effectiveness are unparalleled in today's market.

The Jack Weigh Kit is the result of 20 plus years of manufacturing experience in the high capacity / high accuracy weighing & measurement industry.

This field proven technology is utilized by the world's commercial airlines, manufacturers, maintenance centers, military branches and f.b.o.'s. 

Intercomp aircraft scales are used by numerous manufacturers and by over 50% of the largest airlines in the world.

Whether you need to weigh a Boeing 747 in Singapore, A Airbus 310 in Hamburg or a KC135 in Dallas, Intercomp has the weighing system to meet your most exacting weight & balance requirements.

JWTM Digital Output Load Cell ( DOLC)

Hard Wired or Wireless Technology


At the heart of the Jack Weigh Kit is Intercomp's technologically advanced digital output load cell. The JW DOLC's have revolutionized the weighing of aircraft. With JW DOLC's, the analog to digital conversion is performed at the cell itself.

Any JW DOLC can be plugged into any channel on the Central Processing Unit, there are no pre-calibrated or color coded channels. If a load cell is damaged, simply replace the unit with a off the shelf spare. All Jack Weigh CPU's, cables and JW load cells are completely interchangeable. There is no need to return the entire kit to the manufacturer for repair or calibration. This feature sharply reduces repair and shipping costs, yet ensures you will be seldom without your Jack Weigh Kit.

The advanced digital output signal from the load cells eliminates EMI/RFI problems, but yet maximizes linearity to provide full range accuracy of +/- 0.1%. This field proven technology increases repeatability and virtually eliminates side loading.

Low profile design further ensures each load cell will fit nearly any jack to jack envelope. Intercomp JW load cells are available in the following capacities: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, and 100K lbs or metric equivalents. (Higher capacities available upon request).


Jack Weigh AC100TM  Kit


Jack Weigh EZ WeighTM  Kit

The AC100 CPU is designed to give you the most sought after functions and features, yet remain user friendly at all times. This compact CPU will display up to 32 load cells on an easy to read jumbo sized 4 line x 20 character alphanumeric LCD screen. No toggle switches or turning of knobs are needed, Just plug in the JW load cells and turn on the AC100 CPU. Within seconds, all load cells and total weight are displayed.

All other functions are controlled by the push of a button. Easy to follow menus direct the user through center of gravity compensation, memory storage, latitude correction, motion detection, gross, net, tare, group readings, selectable or full C.G. printout and more.

This CPU operates on multiple power sources, 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120/240 VAC. The unit is designed to meet the EMI/RFI requirements of MIL-SPEC 461 and is fully weatherproof.

Intercomp's Jack Weigh Kit comes complete with the AC100 CPU, JW Load Cells, Interconnect Cables, Jack and A/C adapters, Battery Charger, Manuals and MIL-SPEC 810D Carrying Case to fully protect and transport the system.

A leveling kit with all accessories  is available as a option. Each Intercomp Jack Weigh Kit is designed and tested to meet the stringent US Air Force specifications for accuracy, reliability, serviceability and performance. This design criteria, combined with proven field performance, ensures that the Jack Weigh Kit is the industry leader for aircraft weighing systems. With it's combination of load cells and capacities, the Jack Weigh Kit can weigh any aircraft in the world.

Jack Weigh AC100 Kit TM Features:

  • Jumbo size 2.6" high LCD display with green backlight for low visibility viewing

  • .5" high characters, 4 x 20 screen

  • Adjustable viewing angle

  • Water & oil tight control panel

  • lbs / kg selectable readout

  • Self Diagnostics check

  • Operates on multiple power sources, 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120 / 220 VAC

  • Facility for latitude & gravity correction

  • Center of Gravity computation - input of arm lengths automatically computes C.G.

  • Gross, Net and Tare weight functions

  • Shows groups of weights for cradle weighing

  • Auto zero tracking

  • Accuracy of +/- 0.1% full range or 0.02% of channel capacity

  • Operating temperature 14F to 122 F / 10 C to 50 C

  • Storage temperature -40 F to 170 F / -40 C to 75 C

  • EMI/RFI protection

  • Digital filtering - average of several internal weights gives steady readings for unstable wind blown loads

  • Input / Output: RS-232, RS-485 or 20mA for interface with computers

  • Load cells are fully sealed to prevent environmental damage

  • All JW DOLC's and cables are interchangeable - no pre-calibrated channels

  • Spare JW DOLC's and cables available

  • AC100 CPU displays up to 32 load cells for measuring multiple weigh points during cradle operations

  • Full print out of all functions: Individual load cell and total weight, Net, Tare and Group weight, Aircraft ID, Date, Time, User, Location, Kit Serial #, Calibration performance, Center of gravity and arm length, MAC %

Jack Weigh EZ WeighTM PDF

Jack Weigh AC100TM PDF


Please contact us with aircraft type and weight capacity for pricing.

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