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IQ plusŪ 390-DC/590 DC Indicator

The compact size of this highly functional weight indicator is a plus for crowded industrial areas. Choose the 390-DC with standard five-key operation or the 590-DC with a complete keypad for easy configuration and calibration. Both models operate on either battery or AC power and provide the flexibility of a counting mode.


  • NEMA 4X/IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure

  • Large 1-inch six-digit LCD display

  • Six-button operation

  • Power for four 350-ohm load cells or eight 700-ohm load cells

  • Configurable units multiplier

  • Supports 4- and 6-wire load cell connections

  • EDP port for full duplex, RS-232 communications

  • Powered by 6 "C" batteries for complete portability

  • AC adapter for 115 or 230 VAC power

  • Configurable standby mode that saves battery life

  • RATTLETRAP three-stage digital filtering

  • Piece count mode



  • Washdown environments

  • Portable scales

  • Livestock Scales

  • Floor and bench scales

  • Portable counting

  • Warehousing


  • Livestock weighing program

  • Revolution scale software

  • Additional operating manual

The optional livestock weighing program allows accurate results regardless of animal movement. The program operates easily by accumulating weight readings for a defined sample period. The weight is then divided by the number of readings to obtain an average weight. This value is displayed on the IQ+390 or IQ+590 for a defined period. The indicator then returns to normal weighing mode.


Item 48815: Indicator, Desk IQ+390DC Battery 115 VAC Wall Adapter SS Enclosure, 6 Button With On/Off Key,Count Mode

$970.00 CDN, $750.00 USD

Item 50064: Indicator, Desk IQ+390-DC Battery 230 VAC Wall Adapter, SS Enclosure, 6 Button With On/Off Key

$970.00 CDN, $750.00 USD

Item 52485: Indicator, Desk IQ+590-DC Battery, 230 VAC. Wall Adapter, SS Enclosure 19 Keys with On/Off

$1,035.00 CDN, $800.00 USD

Item 52486: Indicator, Desk IQ+590-DC Battery, 115 VAC. Wall Adapter, SS Enclosure 19 Keys with On/Off

$1,035.00 CDN, $800.00 USD

Item 66727: Indicator, Desk IQ+390-DC Battery, w/o Wall Adapter, SS Enclosure. 6 Button w/ On/Off Key

$940.00 CDN, $725.00 USD

Item 66728: Indicator, Desk IQ+590-DC Battery, w/o Wall Adapter, SS Enclosure. 19 Buttons w/ On/Off

$995.00 CDN, $775.00 USD


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