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Massload Axle Scales

If high accuracy, dependable axle weighing is what your looking for, look no further than Massload Axle Weighing Scale. This scale can be used as an above ground, or pit installed axle scale depending on your application. It uses the tried and true ML1100 double ended shearbeam loadcell that is environmentally sealed. You can be assured of accurate and reliable weighing in temperatures from -40 C to +57 C.

These axle pads have a very large weighing surface and low profile making them our easiest method of determining truck axle weight. These axle pads are typically sold in pairs but can also be sold in multiple pairs to get complete trailer or truck weight in one weighing. Truck axle scales can be used with ramps for above ground installations or flush with concrete for a pit-installed permanent application. Above ground installations are forklift portable and should be used with ramps and quick disconnect cable (see options).

This system it is not to be used in legal for trade applications.


  • 30" x 30" axle pads for dual axle truck weighing

  • 84" x 30" axle pads for tri-axle truck weighing

  • 144" x 30" axle pads for dual and tri-axle truck weighing

  • 6" low profile for ease of use

  • Wheel load accurate to within 0.25% FS

  • Factory calibrated with fully traceable certified weights

  • Can be used on gravel surfaces

  • Forklift portable for use in multiple locations

  • Four year warranty on axle pad frame

  • Two year warranty on load cells


All models available either hard wired or with quick disconnect.

  • 30" x 30" x 6" active weighing surface, 30,000 lb capacity per pad.

$3,057.00 CDN, $2,293.00 USD each

  • 84" x 30" x 6" active weighing surface, 30,000 lb capacity per pad.

$3,897.00 CDN, $2,922.00 USD each

  • 144" x 30" x 6" active weighing surface, 40,000 lb capacity per pad.

$5,997.00 CDN, $4,497.00 USD each

Optional Ramp for any of the above: $299.00 CDN, $227.00 USD each ramp. 2 ramps required per weighpad.

+ Taxes & Shipping, FOB Saskatchewan Canada


Digital Indicators:

Please click on a model for further information.



1, 2 or 3 Channel Digital Indicator, connect up to 3 pairs of weighpads, look at individual channels or total of all 3 channels.



M2000 DataCase

The M2000 3 Channel digital indicator housed in a carry case with built in printer.

Please contact us for a quote on a weighpad setup to suit your application.




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